Combined Estates


Moved to:  6933 Richmond Road

Williamsburg, Va. 23188


Saturday, November 20th at 10 am


  • 35 Firearms, Handguns, Rifles, Shotguns (list to be added soon) 

  • Ammo:  .32,  .38,  9mm, 12 ga shells,  .357,  .22  .410, etc.

  • Vintage and Antique Wood Duck Decoys

  • Musical Instruments:  Nearly NEW Electric Guitars, Equipment, Amplifiers, Speakers, Consoles, Martin Guitars, Clarinet, Flute

  • Trains:  Vintage American Flyer, Lionel. Accessories, Layouts, Transformers, Track, More!

  • French Carriage Clock Early 1800’s, Brass and Beveled Glass, Paul Carnier

  • German Cuckoo Clock, Black Forrest

  • Rare Collectible Crystal, Waterford, Swarovski, and others, Bowls, Candle Holders, Vases, Platters, 50+ Pieces

  • 86 Pieces Fine Porcelain Dinnerware, marked Occupied Japan

  • Art Glass, Fine Porcelain Vases, Figurines

  • Las Vegas Slot Machine (takes Quarters)

  • Jewelry:  Tahitian Black Pearl with Sapphires, 2 Diamond Rings, Engagement Ring with 3 Stones, Man’s 14 kt Gold Ring, 18 kt Gold Wide Bracelet, Garnet Antique Bracelet, Antique Carved Shell Cameo in 14 kt Gold, !4 kt Gold and Pearl 1950’s Earrings, Pearl Stud Earrings, Hand-made Sterling Cuff Bracelet with Hand-carved Opal Fish, Vermeil Bracelet, Sterling Rings, Sterling Pendants, Sterling Jewelry, Pendants, Designer Costume Jewelry. Ladies, Men’s Watches.  NEW Man’s Bulova watch (marked $460), 1950’s Man’s Waltham Wristwatch in Original Box, NEW Invicta Chronograph Man’s Watch.

  • Oriental Rugs, Room Size and Area Rugs

  • Hand-Made Quilts, Linens, 

  • Artwork, Framed Terry Redlin Limited Edition Water Fowl Prints, Framed Original Art, Collectible Art

  • More items coming…..


CHECK BACK FOR UPDATES.  Don’t forget, October 30th at Williamsburg, see website for those details.

Preliminary Schedule of Firearms, Knives, Swords


   1. Rifle, Winchester Model 74.  .22 Long Serial # 381806A


   2. Rifle, Remington, “Score Master”, Model 511, 22 LR, 




    4. Handgun, Smith & Wesson Nickel Plated .38 cal. (finish is pitted) short barrel, in Box, pearl grips, mechanically              this firearm needs conditioning, hard to open and break down.


     5. Handgun, Smith & Wesson .22 CTG (long) in box, Wood Grips, Stainless, S# 102248


     6. Handgun “Destructor” Automatic, Small .32 frame, Pearl Grips, Item called “kit gun” formerly gold plated, not           factory plating.


      7. Handgun, American Derringer Corp.  45/410, in Original Fitted Box,  Stainless Steel, Serial # 110568 (This                      company not currently producing this firearm)


       8. Handgun, Dan Wesson .357 Magnum, Blue Finish, Model 15, Grips are damaged, has holster, No tool, Serial #              194791


       9. Shotgun, Ithica Gun Co, SKB Model 300, 12 Ga, 2-3/4 inch, in gun sleeve


      10. Shotgun, Remington 12 ga, 3 inch magnum, Model 1100, Slug S#  260820M In Green Case


      11. Handgun:  Colt, .32 Caliber, Automatic Stainless Steel, S# 315565 (in tan Briefcase with other handguns) small              clip holster

      12. Handgun, Colt .38 Special no serial number found, Composite Ivory Grips,  (in tan briefcase with other                          handguns)

       13. Handgun, Python .357 blue finish, Wood Grips, (located in tan briefcase with other handguns)  This firearm                   sought-after.

      14. Handgun, Ruger .22 (long), MKI, S# 137376 (located in tan briefcase with other handguns) with 3 clips, (one                   original)

      15. Rifle, Browning  30.06, made in Belgium, with Bushnell Scope 

      16. Shotgun, Savage 16 ga. Model 755A  S# 599527


      17. Shotgun Leferve Arms Co. Double Barrel (Damascus)  1872, “breakdown” (Do Not fire this gun)

      18. Shotgun, Winchester  20 ga Model 370 with 2-3/4 – 3 inch Chamber

      19. Shotgun, Springfield Percussion, trap door, Serial # 50861

      20. withdrawn

      21. Rifle, Remington Pump, 4440, Rem or  WCF Ammo, 14-1/2 slide

      22. Handgun, Smith & Wesson .357  Stainless Steel, Wood Grips, S# 31K6393, (in brown case with other                               handguns)


      23.Handgun, Smith & Wesson .41 Magnum Model 58, Stainless Steel, Wood Grips, S# 260090  (in brown case                    with other handguns)

      24. Withdrawn


      25. BB Gun, Daisy, Lever,  M772508

      26. Shotgun, Remington Model 1100 12 ga 3 inch magnum, Poly Choke, with extra 2-3/4 barrel smooth bore.                      Serial # 260820M


      27. Handgun, Davis, Derringer Style, Model 22  mag Cal, Wood Grips, in Original Box. Surface is pitted. Serial #                 521329

      28. Handgun, Colt Automatic, Stainless, with Pearl Grips, .32 cal., Serial # 368523

      29. Rifle, Marlin Firearms Co., Glenfield, Model 60 .22 Serial # 24497014

      30. Rifle, Ruger Carbine 44 Magnum, Rare gun, not manufactured for 35 years, Serial # 10287434 

      31. Ruger (not carbine) . 22 Long, Has mounts and rings extra accessories  Serial # 11322452


      32. Withdrawn

      33. Handgun, CVA .44 Cal Navy Model in Glass top wood case, powder flask, mold for bullets, (not same caliber),               all custom fitted in wood box with glass top secured by screws

      34. Handgun,  Pistolet, Model C, 9 mm, French, Pearl Grips,  with fitted Leather Holster,

      35. Handgun, Colt .38 Cal Cobra,  Blue Finish,  Brown Plastic Pouch, S# 5082

      36. Handgun, RG7 with black nylon holster Serial # 4722 


Knives, Swords

   37. Sword, 1868 with Sheath, Brass open work handle, Brass braided wire around leather grip. 34.75 blade . top of             blade near hilt marked “US ADK 1868” on one side“ EMS,MF  CHICOPEE, MASS” on other side;

   38. Knife, Pacific Rim, TDH235-155, 15.5 inch fixed Steel blade in New Box, Handle is green died wood, in cloth                 sheath with Velcro closure, made in China

   39. Knife, Buck Tail Classic, 7-1/2 inch Skinning Knife, Steel Knife New in Box, Leather Sheath, Handle is red                        “Frostwood” dyed wood with blue accents, Brass hilt, “Chipaway”.   Hand made. 


   40. Knife, TX -16 WSC, marked on Box, Knife is TAC X Assault, 12 inches overall Black Blade, Rubber Camo Handle,            with wrist lead, Made in China

   41. Knife, Chipaway Cutlery Hunting Knife, in Box, GS3683 BRB, Steel Blade, Carved Bone Handle with dyed wood           flanking bone , Leather ‘sheath Brass Bolster 12 inches overall, Made in Pakistan

   42.Knife, TAC Assault 14 Tx-030 WSC on Box.  Knife has Black Blade, Rubber Grip, Wrist lead, Made in China, Cloth          Sheath 

   43. Knife, Decorative Blade 38907, Knife in large custom fitted display box with yellow satin, Box has picture of                   Russian Double Head Eagle, Knife blade measures 11.25 , 17.75 overall, Steel Blade is heavily engraved, Metal             formed handle and steel sheath, Handle and sheath has relief gold gilt.  Made in China,

   44. Knife with Stag Horn.  Blade is Steel, hand-made, measures 8 inches.  Measures 14 inches overall. Stag Horn                 has Scrimshaw carving on end of Antler root. Sheath is hand-tooled Leather, Hand-stitched , belt looped with               decorated horn and rawhide ties, 

   45. Tomahawk, Balanced Throwing, engraved with Indian image and Horse on blade, Steel Blade has point on                    back side.  Wood handle. Measures 13.75, Made in Italy