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Real Estate Auction Agent (REAA)
No-cost Course and Certification Test

The core module set of all Real Estate Innovator courses is the Professional Real Estate Auction Agent program. It is divided into 16 individual modules. Each module takes less than 15 minutes to view. You may take this online Distance Learning Program (DLP) completely free of charge. This course may be freely distributed, but we ask that you not edit or divide the course. This will violate our copyright.

REAA Student Handbook is located HERE in .pdf.

When you have completed the course and ready, please proceed onto the 70 question open book certification test located HERE in .pdf.

There is no time limit for the course or test.


We no longer charge a fee for this course. It is completely free. Disregard any mention of cost or fee. Thanks.

Important! Feel free to refer your friends an colleagues here for their certification.

"Pen in hand. Sit up straight. Ready, begin!"

“We are proud and honored to be the first and only real estate auction marketing company in the world which has been recognized internationally as a Swanepoel Real Estate Trend Innovator. 

We manage our, co-branded Express Auction Division in your real estate offices across the country.

We train our Real Estate Agent and Real Estate Broker Partners as Professional Real Estate Auction Agents for free.


You may now offer the innovative Express Auction to your sellers as a rapid and profitable alternative.

Our partners can now market their professional Express Auction Division real estate services to attorney's, CPAs, Property Managers, Mortgage Companies, Special Asset Departments, Senior Transition Companies and more. ” – Larry A. Makowski (CEO, Express Auctions)

1. You may take the Professional Real Estate Auction Agent (REAA) certification course and test for free and with complete anonymity.


Note: There is 1 mention of a minor fee in the video series. This only refers to your cost in printing out the .PDF documents we send you. These would be flyers that you will give to prospective clients. You can personalize the documents with your name, email and telephone number. There are absolutely NO other costs or fees associated with any of our programs. No CE credit hours are earned by taking the course and test nor is it suggested that they are except in states and jurisdictions where allowed. 

(All we need from you is a printed and clearly legible email address on the completed scoring sheet. You may take the course and test at any age; however to receive your license, you must be at least 18 years old.)

Note: You may take this course and test for any reason. We allow this so that any pre-conceived notions about the Real Estate Auction Agent designation can be better explained; and if negative ~ dispelled.

2. Fax the completed scoring sheet to us and we will grade it for free.

3. We will email your test score with more instructions to the PRINTED email address.

4. Passing grade is 70% or better. Retest as many times as you wish. You may watch the course as many times as needed.

5. When you are happy with your passing grade, you may then elect to request licensing as an independent Professional Real Estate Auction Agent. (At this point we will need your personal information and you will need to sign the Professional REAA license agreement.)

6. No fee is ever charged. A fee might be mentioned in a video, but this is no longer true and we are waiting for a new updated production to occur.

7. If you are unhappy at any point or do not want to part of our success oriented organization, we will wish you luck move on without you.

8. Our goal is your success. Your passion, integrity and drive will fuel your success.

9. ALL online training and continuing education seminars and professional designations are included. This all means no extra costs to you.

We are proud of the Real Estate Auction Industry and hope that you will become a Professional Real Estate Auction Agent; Express Auction Emissary to the public at large.

- Larry A. Makowski



Express Auctioneers and Appraisers LLC.

6422 Frankford Ave, Baltimore, Maryland 21206, United States
Maryland Office: 410-243-9999
Larry's Cell phone 410-365-2759
Virginia Office:  804-695-1222
Linda's Cell Phone 804-832-8471

Call For Appointment
Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm
Saturday: 10am-4pm
Sunday: Closed

Click HERE to view terms and conditions

Click HERE for forms and contracts.

Broker Registration for all  Express Auctions HERE.

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